Thursday, 4 October 2012

New York Style Food Porn

My life has been ever so slightly busy the past 4 months!!!
I have spent at least 3 weeks offshore per month since July and I cant remember what dry land looks like!! In the last 92 days, I have spent 7 in my own bed... How's that for crazy?! So when I do get some time at home there will be more healthy tastiness coming your way I promise :)
So until then:
I went to New York for the first time ever in September, with my cousin Jake who's a chef, and fellow foodlover. Now I normally live on a really healthy clean diet. but the sole purpose of this trip was to eat EVERYTHING in sight. We went for 5 days, Friday-Tuesday.
Jake and I rockin' our kilts!
I have never felt so disgusting and squidgy in my life...
Yet surprisingly proud of just how much I ate. Haha!
I wrote down everything I ate over the four days (What I ate... not 'we') and when you read it, you wont beleive me. But its true...
Here goes:
Friday: (Manchester-London Heathrow-New York)
2 Poached Eggs and Black Pudding on Toast - Breakfast
Rhubarb cake and a Latte - Brunch
Falafel Burger and Chips - Lunch
Glass of White Wine and a Passion Fruit Cocktail - Lunch
Chicken with Mash and Pasta - On the Plane
Chocolate Pudding - On the Plane
2 White Wines and and Orange Juice - On the Plane
Large Toblerone (100g bar) - On the Plane
Chicken Sandwich and a Breakaway Bar - On the Plane
5 Cosmopolitans - Dinner in NY
Whole Margerita and Chips - Dinner
3 Scoops of Ice Cream - Dinner
4 Pancakes, 3 Rashers of Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup - Breakfast
1 Packet of Rolos - Snack
1 'Homer Simpson' style Doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts! - Snack
Watermelon Smoothie - Lunch
Giant Pizza Pretzel - Lunch
Oreo Ice Lolly - Lunch
Tuna Tartare Tacos - 2nd Lunch
Lamb Sliders - 2nd Lunch
1 Margerita Cocktail - 2nd Lunch
3 Scoops of Ben and Jerrys
Bourbon Cocktail - Dinner
Jalepeno Cocktail - Dinner
Bottle of Red Wine - Dinner
Fois Gras - Dinner
Steak Tartare - Dinner
Crepes Suzette - Dinner
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - Breakfast
2 Eggs benedict with Smoked Salmon on a Bagel - Breakfast
3 Deep Fried Oreos - Snack
1 Chocolate Brownie - Snack
1 Walnut cookie/Brownie thing - Snack
Reeses Cheesecake - Lunch
Glass of White Wine - Lunch
1 Chocolate Pasty - Lunch
1 Pineapple Pastry - Lunch
1 Meatball/1 Canelloni/1 Giant Pasta Shell - Snack
Prosecco Cocktail - (The Start of our Food-then-Drink Crawl)
Fro-Yo with Chocolate and Coconut Sprinkles
Mango Daqueri
Tuna Taco 
'Cotton Candy' Cocktail
Passion Fruit Cosmo
Prosecco Cocktail
Bratwust and Saurkraut - (We Stumbled into Oktoberfest!)
Oktoberfest Beer
Watermelon and Mint Cocktail
Giant Slice of Vegetable Pizza
Orange Cocktail
Bowl of Salted Nuts
2 Shots of Schnapps
Cookcie Ice Cream - Breakfast
Chocolate Brownie - Breakfast
Wallfe and Ice Cream - Snack
1/2 Pulled Pork Sub - Lunch
1/2 Chicken Sandwich - Lunch
Caesar Salad - Lunch
Fries - Lunch
White Wine - Lunch
Cucumber and Lime Cocktail
3 Mini Cupcakes - Snack
Mozzarella and tomato Salad - Dinner
1 Whole Pizza - Dinner
Glass of Prosecco - Dinner
Bottle of Red Wine - Dinner
Cream and Chocolate Pastry - Dinner
3 Scoops Ice Cream - Dinner
Toberone - Pre Breakfast
Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Crispy Fried Potatoes - Breakfast
Corned Beef Sandwich and Fries - Lunch
Glass of White Wine - Lunch
A Cinamon Swirl Pastry - Airport Snack
A Choco-Caramel Latte - Airport Snack
Pasta and Meatballs - Airport Dinner (our flight was delayed)
2 Glasses of Red wine (Still Delayed)
1 Doughnut (Flight Cancelled)
1 Glass of White Wine (Cancelled Flight!)
Wednesday: (Finally managed to get a flight home!!)
Roast Vegetable Ommlette - Breakfast
Orange Juice - Breakfast
Chilli Nachos - Lunch
I dont even want to know how many calories I ate over those 4 days! But, so you dont have to... here's a sample of my food porn: Enjoy!!
Flash x
Eating My New York Style Reeses Cheesecake

My Cookie Ice Cream

'Homer Simpson' Style Dunkin' Donut

Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Crispy Potatoes

Falafel Burger with Mozza and Roasted Peppers

Lamb Sliders

Pasta with Meatballs

Roasted Vegetable Omlette

Deep Fried Battered Oreo

Oreo Ice Lolly

Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup


More Pizza (I was extremely drunk here!)


Tuna Tartare Tacos

Frozen Yog, Mine is the Choco/Coconut one

Friday, 31 August 2012

Super Low Calorie Pizza

Carrot and Sweet Potato Pizza

Blame my friend Rachel for this one.
Not content with being Coeiac...
Here's Rachels Coeliac Blog....
She has decided to try being a vegeterian as well... But I like a dinner-guest challenge so I decided on pizza.
And it turned out rather damn well!!!
Choose your weapons:
3 Medium carrots
1/2 Large Sweet Potato
3 Egg Whites
Grate the carrot and sweet potato and mix in a bowl with the whisked egg whites.
Mix well and spread out onto a baking tray ...
Rectangles are easier to cut up ;)

Bake the base in th oven at 180C for 12-15 mins until the edges started to brown

Allow to cool for 5 mins then peel off the baking sheet by using another baking tray and turning it upside down
Cover with clingfilm and put in the fridge if you're not going to use the base right away.

The best bit now!!
I used low fat mozzarella, pineapple and salsa
Bake in thr oven for 15 mins at 180C
(unless you like your pizza cremated...20 mins)




Vanilla Marshmallow Protein Muffins

Vanilla Marshmallow Protein Muffins


These are great little snack muffins! I freeze mine so I always have them to hand... A great alternative to bread when I need something to put my PB on.... I dont always eat it off the spoon ;) They are great hot and they only take 1 minute in the microwave to defrost.
Ingredients above: 

130g Wholemeal Self Raising Flour
½ tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Vanilla Flavouring
50ml Water
10 Sachets of Truvia
4 Egg Whites
20g (2 Scoops) Vanilla Soya Powder
20g (1 Scoop) Vanilla Muscle Fury Whey
2 Jars of Fruit Babyfood
30g (1 tub) Chocolate Phillidelphia
15g Mini Marshmallows (optional)

(You could use chocolate/banana whey and chocolate/banana flavouring instead)
The Vanilla Whey I use is Muscle Fury.
Muscle Fury
Nutritional Breakdown
Whisk the egg whites in a bowl and stir in the babyfood and water.
Add the flour, truvia, baking powder, soya and whey protein to another bowl and mix well.

Slowly add the wet mixture to the flour bowl and stir until everything is in corporated. Then add the Philidelphia... 

Then add the marshmallows if using...

I managed to get 1 tbsp per case (about 40g of mix) with enough left over to make a small loaf too.

Bake in the oven at 180C for 20-25 minutes, or until the tops go brown and the marshmallows and bubbling!


If using silicon then allow to cool fully before attempting to remove (unlike me, I burnt my fingers on the hot mallows in the middle!! haha)

I sliced the loaf for freezing. But...60s in the microwsve, and topped with almond butter = Heaven!

I worked out the nutritional values of the muffins (@40g) and the loaf (@200g)
Using the ingredients shown above:

Per Muffin: 73 Calories / 5.5g Protein / 9.9g Carbs / 0.2g of Sugars / 0.7g Fat / 0.27g of Saturated / 1.2g Fibre

Per Loaf: 366 Calories / 27.7g Protein / 49.8g Carbs / 1.16g of Sugar / 3.9g Fat / 1.2g of Saturated / 6.5g Fibre


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Here I go....

Well, it's official. I am obsessed with food.

So, I figure, as a form of therapy I will try and unload all the concoctions I have brewing in my brain and set them all free in the big bad world.

This could end very badly...

I work offshore, so half of my life is spent at sea, where all my meals are decided and cooked for me. During this time I have extreme kitchen-withdrawl and spend a lot of time writing down recipes and scouting the interenet and Instagram for delicious pictures. So this blog is going to be a catalogue of the products that my head has made up during its time in the ocean.

Sea air makes people crazy remember....

First recipe will be along soon.

Flash x